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The BORA sofa was created in ideal conditions. No detailed, restrictive guidelines, no precisely defined audience, no material restrictions. Our demanding client expected the highest quality, comfort, and beauty.

A dream situation, although very challenging. We were inspired by new car models, fashion, music videos, graphics. We wanted BORA to be comfortable and spacious, not forcing people to sit rigidly. You can lie on it, sit in an easy pose (deep seat), freely shape the backrest with pillows. We wanted its shape not to be aggressive but give a sense of peace and relaxation. We were looking for a new, contemporary form, characteristic line, and detail. BORA is different. The seat and backrests (armrests) are all in one shape – a flat mattress is finished with two "humps". All elements forming the furniture were subordinated to the form of a seat. A long-sought studied, smooth line is the most important here. The rest is just a frame. We spent a lot of time to take full advantage of our idea and not to do it carelessly or automatically. A set of nine shapes was created, giving many possibilities to combine different material and color variants.

manufacturer: : IKER

authors :  Wojciech Barański / Robert Nowakowski

/ Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski


photo : Artur Nyckowski

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