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authors : Dorota Jaśkiewicz / Kinga Knajp / Paweł Panek

/ Agnieszka Śmigaj / Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski


photo : Maciej Frydrysiak

Concordia Taste Restaurant is located in the Concordia Design Centre in Poznań.

In 2017, the center was already 5 years old. It was a well-known, dynamically operating institution. Located in the historic building of the former printing house, right in the communication heart of Poznań, next to the "Kaponiera Roundabout".

2017 was a year of transformation for Concordia. Right next to it,

a magnificent Baltic building was being built, designed by masters of architecture, Dutch architects from the MVRDV studio.

New realities required a change. Our studio was entrusted with its design. The restaurant changed its location and in its place, we designed a multifunctional space. The new Concordia Taste completely changed, now it has a direct exit to the square - "Harbor" in front of the "Baltic Sea".

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