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authors: Dorota Jaśkiewicz / Anna Kolesińska / Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski


photo: Maciej Frydrysiak

The apartment is located in Ursynów district in Warsaw, in new buildings integrated into old apartment houses made of large slabs. Young families like this zone – it is safe, green and you can find here a lot of places conducive to recreation.

Our clients were also such a 2+1 family when work on the project began. However, they moved into the apartment already as a larger 2+2 family. Their main need was the greatest possible functionality of the interior with attention to the fact that children will live there. The original layout of the apartment had a lot of nooks and crannies, ample space was taken up by apartment communication. Along the entire facade there runs a balcony, which is the greatest asset of the apartment. We decided to use every available space to expose the wall with a row of windows leading to the balcony.

This apartment is full of life all the time — there is no free time. There is a pantry hidden behind a yellow screen, thanks to which we can manage the space and, if necessary, open it to the day zone. The narrow corridor leading to the bedroom is also a large wardrobe with a row of furniture with mirrored doors, while a plywood panel obscures the entrance to the laundry room. The parents' zone is also a collection of many functionalities: a home office, a dressing room, a bedroom, and at the same time a washroom and a bathroom as the only space with strictly marked boundaries. All furniture, including that in the kitchen, are connected by a top library along the entire apartment, right under the ceiling.


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