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authors : Wojciech Barański / Dorota Jaśkiewicz / Anna Mańczak

/ Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski


photo : Maciej Frydrysiak / Mariusz Bykowski

Designing a 100m2 studio apartment on the last floor in a green zone of Poznań is a dream for every designer. Beautiful views "slip" into the interior from almost every side. A simple, rectangle layout of the apartment and the client's preference for "minimalism" was our starting point. We wanted to create as open space as possible, the one which would expose the advantages. We wanted to create a spacious apartment that invites the outsider inside, giving way to modesty and restraint. We focused on unusual functional solutions: kitchen and dining rooms in the center, a combination of a bedroom with a bathroom, a unique designer seat, which is also a storing space. All this is connected / divided by glazing, floodlights, sliding doors, all that in order to preserve the idea of open space. The whole “game” is complemented by carefully designed light. We thought of it as an element of architecture – light lines, plafond, glowing green – they built the background for everyday activities.


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