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authors : Daria Borońska / Anna Komorowicz

/ Krzysztof Posmyk / Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski


photo : Maciej Frydrysiak

The interior of LULU Cafe is an attempt to find a common denominator for the aesthetic preferences of the majority. " Daily cafe" inviting teenagers, working and seniors. Interior, bright, comfortable, designed with the use of good quality materials, inspired by the past, a little sentimental, pastel-sweet. The central place is occupied by a bar, emphasized by an elongated, arched form. This type of roof is not only a "decoration" - it hides ventilation ducts that are difficult to distribute in this space. Along the walls, You will find comfortable sofas and tables - to feel relaxed and safe on the one hand, but also to observe others.

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