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authors : Dorota Jaśkiewicz /  Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski / Anna Winna


photo : Maciej Frydrysiak

It is a remnant of the 80s bustling holiday resort near Koszalin city. The previously state-owned building was sold to three families who adapted it into holiday apartments. Each floor is a space for a separate family, and each level is like two worlds – of a parent and of a child. On the one hand, we wanted to emphasize the individual character of each investor, and on the other hand, to create a coherent space regardless of divisions. Hence, each floor is a set of different forms, shapes, styles, patterns, colors against the background of neutrally designed architecture. The common denominator is a commonly used PVC material in different colors depending on the floor. However, it is its usage that surprises – it makes both the floor and the walls or even shower cabin space (as a fully waterproof coverage). With PCV we also finished the staircase – the stairs and the walls up to the railing level.


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