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authors : Mateusz Balcerkiewicz / Anna Kolesińska / Magdalena Konofalska

/ Krzysztof Posmyk / Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski / Anna Winna


photo : Maciej Frydrysiak

The "Cafe Pomarańczarnia" project has a long and winding history in our studio. This small interior in the basement is in fact a part of a larger whole. Integration, a non-binding meeting are actually the slogans on our minds while designing this interior. We thought - on many levels - about the integration of residents and users, the exterior and the interior, but also the "past" and the present.

New materials such as concrete floors or modern plastering were used in the interior and in the yard, the ceramic layers on some walls directly refer to the original finishing of the hallway to the staircase of the tenement house and the passage gate. The element that immediately attracts attention when entering the café - the silver "coffered" ceiling - is a kind of the "wink" to the poor-taste styrofoam coffers present in many apartments of the surrounding tenement houses.

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