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The pretext for the creation of the collection of "roll-it-up" lamps was the interior. This is the third family of lamps, which was created in this way. Such was the case with NEL and Q-bek. We designed a hanging lamp with a similar design for the interior of the restaurant. We spotted potential in the concept. At the first opportunity, we began to think about the other elements of the family. Floor lamps and a wall lamp were created. All items with a very simple design, are lightweight, easy to assemble. To build a lamp, all you need is a plastic frame with a cap, a few aluminum tubes and a tailor's Velcro.

Ah…and a Pirplak® sheet.

manufacturer : meble VOX

authors :  Anna Kolesińska / Paweł Panek / Agnieszka Śmigaj

/ Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski


photo : Maciej Frydrysiak

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